RAI CREATIVE PRODUCTION presents World Corona First Hindi Film ‘Jeene Ki Umeed Tumse Hi’ which is a Pandemic, Love Story. The movie is about the current pandemic situation the world is facing, that is Corona Virus (Covid-19). It is also followed by a love story in it. It is WORLD CORONA FIRST HINDI FILM. The movie is produced by Mr. Brajesh Rai and is directed by Brajesh Rai & Brijendra .

The story revolves around various social and political issues of rural and urban India like unemployment poverty and corruption.

Vijay (Brajesh Rai), a young educated boy from rural India, notices some anti-social activities in the society and stands against it. Biggies involved on these activities don’t want people to live a good life and hence stand against Vijay’s good ambitions.

While fighting his social battle, Vijay falls in love of a girl named Saloni (Sonia Bansal), who is daughter of a well-known landlord, who is already an enemy of Vijay.

Things get complicated and Vijay has to leave his hometown with broken heart but he never forgets his love Saloni (Sonia Bansal). Vijay realizes that power is needed to fight the powerful. 

In his quest for empowerment, he joins an auto engineering. His hard work and dedication help the company grow and prosper. His bosses award him with promotions and accolades. While working at his new firm, Vijay meets Rubi (Sanchi Rai) and falls in love with her.

Just when life shows some promise, things fall apart for Vijay. He gets trapped in company politics and conspiracies and loses his creditability. Rubi and workers from his company continue their support towards Vijay and his efforts.

At the time, when whole world is fighting to survive the COVID-19 infection, Vijay and Rubi help the needy. Vijay is garnered with praises and accolades once again, for helping the poor and needy and becomes a messiah in their eyes.

Vijay regains his credibility and gets an offer from a reputed company, Swastik auto engineering. Vijay and team lead the company to the pinnacle of success.

His achievements and aura spreads far and wide and set an example for the youth for which Auto Engineering Association recommends him for Udyog Ratna Award.

In this end, Vijay after losing his first love, Saloni, finds warmth and new love in Rubi.              


  • Swastik Auto Engineering
  • Mr. Vijay Kumar
  • Bandana Rai
  • Munna Rai
  • Sameer Rai
  • Durgesh Rai
  • Anjna Rai
  • Late Jagdish Prasad Sharma
  • Introducing Brajesh Rai
  • Sanchi Rai
  • Sonia bansal
  • Asha Singh
  • Devdutt Budholiya
  • Pankaj Chaudhary
  • Rajnish Tiwary
  • Irfan Qureshi
  • Maqsood Ahmad
  • Sunil Dutt Pandey
  • Panwati Sharma
  • Parvati Devi
  • Durgesh Saxena
  • Rahul Kumar
  • Vijay Kumar


  • Executive producer: Sameer Rai
  • Line producer: Munna Rai
  • Art Director: Amar Rana
  • Associate Director: Devyani Rode, Rajnish Tiwary
  • Background Score: Mahesh Naik
  • Sound Designer: Dheeraj Poojary
  • Rerecording Mixer: Dheeraj Poojary
  • DI colorist: Ravi K.parashar
  • Post Production By: Satish Poojary (Audio Lab)
  • D.O.P: Sanjay Mehta/ Mukesh Maru
  • Editor: Kuldip Mehan/ Brajesh Rai/Pankaj Sapkale
  • Actoin Director: Moses Fernandes
  • Lyrics: Soni Bros., Brajesh Rai,Bandana Rai
  • Music Director: Soni Bros.
  • Story: Brajesh Rai/ Brijendra
  • Screenplay: Brajesh Rai/ Brijendra/ Devyani Rode
  • Dialogues: Brajesh Rai/ Brijendra
  • Choreographer: Pappu Khanna
  • Creative Director: Pappu Khanna

Produced By: Brajesh Rai

Directed By: Brajesh Rai/ Brijendra

Jeene ki Umeed Tumse Hi was featured in:

JEENE KI UMEED TUMSE HI has already created a great base among the fans. There have already been a lot of interviews Mr. Brijesh Rai was called up for. The interviews got viral on social media platforms where people are so much interested to watch WORLD CORONA (COVID-19) FIRST HINDI FILM. People are so eagerly waiting for the release of the movie that we are expecting that the fam and recognition of RAI CREATIVE PRODUCTION will be on a boom as soon as we’ll release the film “JEENE KI UMEED TUMSE HI”.

The Movie was released on March 12, 2021 in limited territories due to ongoing Pandemic restrictions and is pitched to go on air on popular OTT platforms and to be released in rest of the circuits in India.


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