Rai Creative Production (RCP) is an Indian film production and distribution company working in the Hindi cinema, Commercial Advertisements, Hindi Web-Series etc. RCP is a crew of professionals such as a panel of Directors, Technicians, who always come up with something creative together. The business team of Rai Creative Production with their vast experience and incredible contribution in their own sphere is expected to reach even greater heights. Rai Creative Production as the name suggests is a production house engaged in providing creative production and post-production services for advertisements and various other media. Our Team is always ready to work and is always up to date when it comes to creativity and bringing up something different.


Director, Producer, Actor, Writer & Mechanical Engineer.

Mr. Brajesh Rai started his career as a producer in 2018. Earlier he had a good experience in Automobile Sector, Home Products, Retail, and Railway Manufacturing products.

Brajesh Rai is a common man just like us. He belongs to a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a Mechanical Engineer who always had a dream to work in Hindi films since he was just five. He was always taught by others that he couldn’t be an actor just because he didn’t have anyone in the family who belongs to the film industry who can guide him to be an actor. People always used to tell him that the public doesn’t want to see new faces so nobody will be ready to give you a chance until and unless you’re a person who is exceptionally talented. People used to demoralize him each time he used to discuss his dreams with them.

Mr. Brajesh Rai pledge to do films that are made to spread awareness on some social causes, to motivate the youth, to inspire the common man, and for the betterment of the country. He won’t work for a movie that promotes drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. irrespective of what all it takes.

Mr. Brajesh Rai is a determined person who loves to work with his team.